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Have Killswitch Engage Brought Us The New Awakening, Or Another Dud?


I should probably preface this by apologizing if this offends anyone out there. Let’s just say that “changing hearts and changing minds” is hardly the mandate that Killswitch Engage are attempting to follow with the release of their new song. “The New Awakening” is somewhat poorly titled considering that this doesn’t really sound like anything new at all. If you’re familiar with Killswitch Engage’s music up until this point then you will have heard almost everything that this track has to offer many times before, except now it sounds extra shiny and flat because it’s 2013 and mainstream production has taken over. I realize this seems overly harsh, but I’m of the strong opinion that just because it “sounds like the old stuff” it doesn’t make it good stuff. I mean, the old stuff, in this case is the seminal Alive Or Just Breathing, still exists and is still an amazing album. Sounding like a flatter less inspired version of the band from a decade ago is not the quickest way into my heart.

No, I’m not someone who thinks former vocalist Howard Jones should still be in the band, as I believe Killswitch Engage’s problem is in their songwriting, or should I say, their lack of it. Killswitch Engage made two amazing albums and influenced the entirety of metalcore and they will always be a respectable band for those reasons, but unfortunately they seem adamant on continually trying to pass off the same played out ideas as new and fresh. Sadly, the metalcore scene picked this band off like carrion and left them for dead. Yes, Jesse Leach is back and it sounds more similar to old Killswitch Engage, but let’s not kid ourselves here, that’s literally only because of the presence of Leach; the band haven’t evolved musically at all since the “old days”. I feel like Killswitch Engage are essentially getting a pass because they’ve performed a pretty basic bait and switch with two vocalists who are fundamentally, very similar.

Basically “The New Awakening” should be retitled to “The Old Slumber”. Man, I’m cranky today.

Disarm The Descent (what does that even mean?) will be released on 2nd April 2013 via Roadrunner Records. It’ll promptly be forgotten about a week later.

What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh? Have the band refused to evolve at all? Do you like this song? Sound off in the comments!

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