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Kontrust Continue To Out-Fun Everyone


Kontrust are a bizarre crossover band from Austria, though the lead singer Agata, is actually Polish. If you’re previously unfamiliar with the band they’re famed for wearing lederhosen and generally being pretty weird, albeit fun. Today they’ve released a new music video for the song “Hey DJ!“, a song from their most recent album Second Hand Wonderland. While Kontrust are not one of the most recognizable names around, Second Hand Wonderland was a great release that passed relatively under the radar. One thing that someone can’t accuse Kontrust of is being boring. Their music is by no means crazily original, but it is compellingly addictive and fun.

Hey DJ” isn’t one of the stronger tracks on Second Hand Wonderland, which makes it a slight disappointment, though at the same time it’s recognizable why they would pick this song. It’s certainly palpable enough to take advantage of the single format. Yes, the riffs and inclusion of a dj are extremely nu metal-esque (I realize this may cause a few involuntary spasms at the mere mention of the word), but the overall composition is fun and infectious. The chorus is incredibly catchy and the female and male vocals actually create a strong combo. Female and male vocal combinations are always a very hit and miss affair, with some bands pulling it off perfectly (Diablo Swing Orchestra) and others failing abysmally (Lacuna Coil); happily Kontrust manage to strike a comfortable balance to exist in. The song has enough earworms that bury into your head and convert you to the Temple of Fun. Start your conversion now and watch these jolly Europeans prance around for your amusement! Who wants to throw a birthday party and hire Kontrust as the entertainment?

Second Hand Wonderland is out now via Napalm Records.

What do you think? Are Kontrust fun? Can you think of any other bands that are too much fun? Sound off in the comments!

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