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Kunz release new video

Kunz 2015

There will probably come a point where we stop referring to Luc Hess and Louis Jucker (as well as their Coilguns colleague Jona Nido) as “those dudes who used to be in The Ocean“, but it’s too convenient a marker for a trio of excellently talented dudes.

They’re making a good go of their own things though, that’s for sure. With their label Hummus Records up and pumping out great music, and the aforementioned whirlwind trio laying waste to Europe, we turn our attention to Kunz, the Hess/Jucker duo we saw recently collaborate with two members of Red Fang.

Kunz put out the digital version of their new album Our Songs As A Public Space last week, which features Jucker on vocals, bass and baritone guitar, and Hess on drums as ever. A sort of experimental noise-rock, it’s less chaotic or strictly heavy than their work elsewhere, taking cues from bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, , and even Placebo at times. In fact, this last one is particularly prevalent in the song they’ve just put out a video for; “Turn“:

It’s very simple stylistically, which reflects the stripped back nature of the music. ‘Arty’ is the word I’m probably looking for, but a dirty, sweaty kind of art. This aesthetic is present across the whole record on fact; feedback hums and static crackles throughout the eight tracks, recorded intermittently between 2009 and 2010

We’re promised videos for each of the songs – each created by a different person or people – and this is the second. Says Luc:


This was a free and funny experiment, we had no further expectations than to see what pictures those guys would create with our sounds. Kunz doesn’t have a restrictive aesthetic to defend, but a lot of ideas to share.

Our Songs As A Public Space is out now digitally via Hummus Records, and is available via Bandcamp. The physical version comes out this Friday 20th.