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Kvelertak Bruane Brenn video kids

We’re about seven weeks away from Meir, the forthcoming sophomore album from Norwegian black n’ roll band Kvelertak, and so it smells about right that the promo material is now hitting. This week’s offering: a video for the preview track “Bruane Brenn“, which premiered on the Radio 1 Rock Show a few weeks back.

Their self-titled debut was one of 2011′s most fun albums, mixing a rock n’ roll/metalcore sound with shrill, black-metal style vocals entirely in their mother tongue – not that it hampered anyone’s enjoyment, bar those frumps who branded it as “hipster metal” and moved on.

Kvelertak MeirTheir new album is called Meir, and having just announced signing with Roadrunner Records, have set a date of March 26th for release. The group also revealed the artwork, once again handled by BaronessJohn Dyer Baizley, and follows a similar colour scheme to their debut.

The video in question sees five miniature hooligans raising hell in a caravan, smashing shit up and generally being awesome and kid-like, before the band proper appear on a proper stage and get to properly rocking.

It’s non-embeddable, and despite my initial dismay at being told by Stereogum that I wasn’t in the right country (racists), I found a stream on the UK’s Metal Hammer website, so one and all can get their teeth stuck in.


Kvelertak are due to hit Europe on tour in support soon, so make sure to search the events calendar for details.

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