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Just before the festival of Saturnalia, Norwegian black n’ roll band Kvelertak released details about their forthcoming sophomore album Meir, which is expected in the spring. This had fans – including myself – frothing at the mouth, as their self-titled debut was a sublime album, and we’re hungry for more.

As a stop-gap for our salivating orifices (yes, all of them), the band premiered one of the new tracks on the UK’s Radio 1 Rock Show earlier this week. It’s called “Bruane Brenn“, and according to a Facebook post, will be the fourth track on the record (not that that really means anything at this point; no context, yo).

The track can be found about 27 minutes into the show, which can be listened to here, but sneaky people like me will also notice that all of the tracks featured can be streamed further down the page.

Kvelertak are on tour from the beginning and for the entirety of March, taking in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Poland and Belgium. For full dates, check out our events calendar!

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