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Norwegian black n’ roll band Kvelertak made one of the stand-out debuts of 2010 with their self-titled album that combined the fist-pumping, riffs and fun of metalcore with the vocals of a black metal band. It was an incredibly accomplished record, and got them big notice, especially as it was produced by none other than Kurt Ballou of God City Studios/Converge.

As such, the news that their new album Meir - again recorded by Ballou – is due to be released in March is exciting news of the highest magnitude for fans. The announcement, which doesn’t specify a date, but is expected to be released through Indie Recordings once again, was accompanied by a Facebook post that detailed the tracklisting, and what to expect from each of them. My favourites include “Nekrokosmos“, in which a green meteor of iron strikes a graveyard, and an intergalactic traveller won’t leave until everything around him is dead, and “Åpenbaring“, which has something to do with a feather-clad man breaking into your skull

I actually made a similar investigation around the time of the debut, as I was at university with a quaint Norwegian chap who translated some of the track titles, and there are gems such as ‘Wolf Time’ (“Ulvetid“) and ‘Sea-Hyenas (Lords/Masters of the Sea)’ (“Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer)“), as well as the fantastic “Fossegrim“, which according to him:

“is a scary creature that lives by waterfalls (foss=waterfall) and teaches you how to play awesome violin if you bring him smoked sheep shanks stolen from a neighbour four Thursdays in a row. If you don’t do it in secret, he will traumatize you by dancing naked.”

John Dyer Baizley of Baroness contributed his artistic skills for the cover piece last time around, but we’re unsure as to whether he’s involved this time around, especially considering his long-term rehabilitation from a scary accident on British shores over the summer.

To back this release up, Kvelertak will also be heading out on a fairly extensive European tour (no supports named yet) which will begin in the UK, and take in France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands and Belgium – although interesting not their native Norway, or any of the other Scandinavian nations.

Full listing in the events calendar!

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