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The Sixpounder

In an era where bands’ music videos can very easily become merely a montage of the band’s live performance with the cameraman showing the attention span of a 2-year-old and a grasp on lighting reminiscent of an epileptic’s nightmare, it is a very welcome event when a video crops up that has had some thought put into the process. Even better is when they have been shot in a film-like fashion. Granted, the video in question is hardly reaching Avatar-levels of filming prowess, but then it didn’t have that budget level to begin with, instead staying to around $3000. Low-cost AND well-executed? Well, this was guaranteed to spark some attention.

The band in question are The Sixpounder, a Polish groove/metalcore band who first made a splash in 2011 with their amusingly-titled début Going To Hell? Permission Granted! Two years later, they’ve again unveiled another video from this album, detailing the story behind one of the songs, “Last True Cowboy Manifesto”. This isn’t the band’s first foray into story-videos, as “A Heart Beat” and “Plastic Bag” can show, but it’s certainly the best one so far.

The band have also released several pro-shot “performance” videos, including a cover of Lamb Of God‘s “Redneck” and a hilarious video incorporating Ghostbusters, again showing the humorous side to the band. Clearly the band are passionate for music videos.

Anyway, on to the video at hand. “Last True Cowboy Manifesto” presents a sleepy Western town at night, similar to a Hollywood production tackling an old Spaghetti Western. The music, a simple acoustic riff, sets the atmosphere as the protagonist has a wander around. Most of the shots are through windows, giving a sort of voyeuristic pleasure as each member of the band is introduced in the credits. The tension heightens, and the metal kicks in with a mid-paced and melodeath-tinged Southern stomp as the characters face off. Dazzlingly-bright shots of the band are interchanged with a lengthy gunfight, as the camera switches between faces not unlike Sergio Leone’s style circa the Dollars trilogy. It’s not entirely clear who is on whose side, which seems to be the intention, but there are an awfully large amount of bullets fired at one another in the 2-minute duration of the fight. as the final stand-off cuts out to an ominous “To be continued…”, one is left wondering about the backstory of this particular showdown, something which will hopefully be revealed in the next installment. Check out the video below!

Going To Hell? Permission Granted! was self-released in February 2011 by the band.

What do you think? Should more metal videos be shot in a film-like fashion? Or are you more fans of the traditional performance-based approach?

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