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It is with great anticipation that I await my first listen to Norwegians Vreid‘s new album Welcome Farewell. The first track released for our consumption last November, ”The Reap“, whet my appetite something fierce, and now the band have put out another song called “The Way Of The Serpentwhich is another fine slab of melodic black metal – this song even more so than its predecessor, as it is much faster in its delivery and makes more use of black metal themes as opposed to the former’s beautiful guitar harmonies.

The cold and bleak atmosphere of WWII Norway is in full effect as this song draws on themes of a chase and mass anarchy in the relatively quiet countryside, and the band pepper you with plenty of guitar solos as the song draws to a close.

You can hear it by clicking on the link here. Welcome Farewell is due for release in Europe on February 22nd and the U.S. on March 5th – expect a review of it much sooner than that. The band are also on tour throughout Europe from the middle of next month with various artists, including on the ‘Fire Walk With Me’ tour with the likes of Solefald and In Vain, as well as other appearances with Mistur, and a stint at Germany’s Ragnarök Festival 10 in April with Eluveitie and Shining (the Swedish one).

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