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Leprous Unveil New Song & Music Video

Leprous - The Cloak

Leprous are a Norwegian progressive metal band that are preparing to release their new album Coal very soon. The Iron Council have had their hangs on Coal for a few days now and can confirm that it is really something special. A powerful, dramatic and dark album it perfectly advances the sound that the band achieved on Bilateral and blends it with the darker tone of their earlier album, Tall Poppy Syndrome. What we’re left with is one of the stronger albums of the year and a band that is truly unique when compared to their peers in the progressive genre.

A couple of days ago the band slipped a music video onto Youtube for the song “The Cloak“. The fact that this song is actually one of the weaker tracks on the album should be a testament as to just how fucking good this record is. “The Cloak” is a beautiful, haunting number that will envelop you in its shroud. “The Cloak“‘s simplicity should not be mistaken for a lack of depth, as even though it doesn’t contain various guitar based wizardry it instead has a bloody beating heart at its centre. This is real music, with real emotion and introspection that annihilates overly technical garbage. Leprous are true masters of their craft and if you like this song, then the album will not disappoint.

Einar Solberg‘s heavenly voice is the central focus for this song, juxtaposed with delicate keys and soft drums and the whole thing builds very slowly and dramatically, before soaring by the end into a crescendo of incredible and passionate emotion. This is how Leprous make their music, whether it’s heavy or lighter in tone, Leprous always sound like Leprous and it’s because of their honest emotion and earnest musicianship.

The video is a very impressively shot, atmospheric endeavour, largely involving Solberg wandering around an abandoned mine. The aesthetics of the video match the sparse and delicate music, whilst also conveying the themes of isolation extremely well. Get wrapped up in “The Cloak” below and be thankful for Leprous, because this is the first time where getting Coal as a present will be a good thing!

Leprous’ Coal will be released on the 20th May 2013 via InsideOut Music.

Is this something special for you? Are you excited for Coal? Is there something you don’t like?

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