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Norwegian progressive band Leprous head down the mines

Leprous - Coal

Norwegian five-piece Leprous are not only famous for being Leprous, but also for being strongly affiliated with several other key figures in the Norwegian metal community. They’re from a town called Notodden, which is famous for being the birthplace of the band Emperor and Peccatum.

Of those, they’re best affiliated with Emperor frontman Ihsahn, for whose solo work they provide the backing band. Being Ihsahn’s backing band is a fairly good claim to fame in of itself, but they’re also an incredibly talented progressive band in their own right, and have been going in various forms and lineups since 2001. With an EP, a demo and two full albums under their belt in that time – including 2011′s superlative Bilateral – Leprous are coming back around for another swing with their new record Coal.

They’ve just released the above album art, which has a strong diamonds/coal element to it. They wanted something dark and melancholic, so they returned to Jeff Jordan, who did the art for Bilateral, but who is perhaps more famous for producing several of the later The Mars Volta album artworks, including Amputechture, The Bedlam In Goliath and Octahedron.

The band have reportedly finished shooting a video for the track “The Cloak“, which was shot in a local mine:

[quote-symbol symbol1]We spent one very long day inside the Konnerud Hill Mines here in Norway, getting some very interesting footage. The video, just like the clip for ‘Restless‘ on our previous album, was made by Twichty Films once again, but we promise you no fish or cake was harmed this time around. A dark, moist atmosphere, far into the deep…

Whilst we don’t know what that will sound like, a track called “Chronic” was previewed by our brothers at Heavy Blog Is Heavy last week. The album is allegedly a lot less ‘playful’ than Bilateral, and instead is a lot more soulful. Looking forward to it!

Coal will be out 20th May in Europe and May 28th in North America via InsideOut Music, and the band will be headlining a large number of shows across Europe this autumn. Details to appear in the events calendar!

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