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You know what? We understand the rules of proper etiquette around here. We actually retain a couple of British folk on staff for that precise reason [editors included in that we hope! - Ed.]. We understand that sometimes all this heavy metal and general sarcasm can get a little oppressive. Sometimes you need to get a little bit classier with your music, and the way we do classy round these here parts is by going symphonic. Not only that, but because those behind our subject here happen to be based in London, we get double the class for the same reason that we retain the British folk.

Those of you that love your classical music have probably already read the headline and have cocked one eyebrow so high that it currently rests right on the back of your head, but allow us to explain: The London Philharmonic have sat themselves down and recorded some of the best available modern video game themes – and then went back and reworked some older stuff. They’ve done it before, and it’s not as silly as it may sound to some. Most modern video games actually use a ton of orchestration as part of their soundtrack, so this specific collection of music isn’t actually too much of a stretch; it just happens to be more professionally performed.

There’s some obvious ones, like Halo and Skyrim themes, as well as a take on a few of the infamous Final Fantasy VII songs mashed into one. There’s also an Assassin’s Creed song but to be honest with you, despite the music being well done in those games there’s never really been one specific theme. If you really want a great Assassin’s Creed song, check out ‘Dreams Of Venice‘; that one is infuckingcredible. The Mass Effect one is also really interesting when you consider that most of the music was done electronically. Sadly, it is not the galaxy exploration theme, which is the song that they should play in the DMV (it would make things so much nicer).

Joystiq has a full stream of the music here. Give it a listen and relax. We’ll get back to smashing your spirits soon enough.