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Where Exactly Are Limp Bizkit Going? – Sounds The Same To Me!

Limp Bizkit

Douchebags and frat boys (is that a realistic distinction?) rejoice today as Limp Bizkit return in a blazing storm of glory with their new single “Ready To Go“. It’s a fantastic day for people who aren’t concerned with artistic integrity or common decency in their music as this new song is actually pretty good! You know, despite the fact that it’s a Limp Bizkit song…

Ok, sarcasm aside, the new single is actually pretty solid, in a very Limp Bizkit way. The band have always been characterized by admittedly catchy and bouncy instrumentation, laden with hooks and pretty interesting riffs courtesy of guitar wizard Wes Borland. Of course the Bizkit are fronted by Mr. Limp himself, Fred Durst writes with all the lyrical acuity you could expect from a man who named his band after a woeful college hazing ritual i.e. it’s dumb as fuck and puerile. In fact, Durst’s lyrics are so godawful that it can cause sleepless nights trying to figure out if he’s truly in on the joke or not. I like to think that he’s being deliberately tongue in cheek, because otherwise I might lose what little faith in humanity I actually have. Perhaps I’m crediting him with too much intelligence?

“Ready To Go” sees Durst and co. partnering with the bastion of popstar integrity that is Lil’ Wayne – honestly in certain circles both artists are so radioactive that I wonder if they just joined forces for the sake of mutually assured destruction. Shake it up a bit, cause some carnage! Needless to say the part where Wayne actually opens his mouth happens to be even worse than Durst’s drivel, forcing me to contemplate gauging my eyes out because I can picture Wayne actually saying this stuff. There isn’t even a video accompaniment and I’m contemplating pour acid into my eyes! That’s the power of Limp Bizkit’s music (Turns out there is a music video being filmed for this song so I may just get my wish!).

Honestly, despite all of this ridiculous negativity, I still find myself enjoying this song in the same way that I enjoyed their previous album, Gold Cobra. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion; you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t bring yourself to look away. See what you think.

On a somewhat serious note – do Limp Bizkit actually have any female fans? I genuinely want to know because if so I feel bad for any girl that has such low self esteem that they think this kind of objectification is acceptable. Durst is hardly a leader of the Suffragette movement as all of his lyrics tend to follow the mandate of “Everyone hates me, but I’m a badass and still get mad pussy, yo”, which you know, if that’s your thing; but the fact that almost every mention of a woman is derogatory is kinda infantile.

The lyrics are bad enough to laugh at, but when you really stop and think about their implications it becomes less amusing, more disgusting. I’m no prude by any means, but this song is so disjointed it’s hard to decipher what exactly Durst is getting at other than “yo bitch you didn’t suck my dick/fuck me when I told you to so now you’re worthless”. I realize this is probably a futile exercise seeing as I’m trying to lyrically break down a band that (hopefully) put zero effort into their lyrics and instead just get Durst to recite verbal diarrhea abuse because it’s “hilarious”. If you can suspend your disbelief about the lyrics this song is surprisingly enjoyable though – sure you should probably cut off the last minute of slow fade out because that doesn’t work for most bands at the best of times, let alone a band with no false hopes of being considered as atmospheric, so it’s a rather perplexing addition. The verse riff has a mean, bouncy hook and you’ll most likely find yourself humming it after the fact, so it’s worth a listen, if the lyrics don’t make you hate yourself.

Ready To Go” is the lead off single from Limp Bizkit’s seventh upcoming album called Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, which will be released later this year via Cash Money Records (Really?!)

Do you find the song catchy? Do you think Limp Bizkit are a joke band? Do you wish they would just stop already? Do you find the lyrics offensive?

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