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Aversions Crown Rings Of Saturn A Night In Texas tour poster 2016

As far as tour packages go, the one that draws us out to the Boston Music Rooms on a cold Friday night in January is one of the farthest traveled we’ve seen in a while, and is likely to hold the title all year. The main support alone has come all the way from California, but the other two have come all the way from Brisbane. It would kind of be rude not to give it a go, wouldn’t it?

The openers are local lads, however – at least, more local than the others. We’ve seen Oxford’s A Trust Unclean more times than we can count on one hand, and really rated their latest EP Reality Relinquished. This show honestly seems tailor made for them and is a great opportunity, but a delay in actually opening the doors and a somewhat perplexing decision to search every punter individually on their way through it means only a precious few have actually made it inside before they launch into their now-familiar set.

Aside from drummer Scott Horne having some minor difficulties with some unfamiliar kick pedals, ATU deliver their typically tight, brutal and groove-drenched deathcore. The whole of Reality Relinquished gets an airing, along with a couple of older tracks.

The crowd in front of the stage steadily grows throughout their time onstage, and although most were simply unable to see the whole thing, I’m pretty sure that the band left the stage with a clutch of new fans.

- Simon

Second on, A Night In Texas offer a really solid performance, even if they don’t particularly add anything new to the deathcore genre. What they do, they do very well however; Rheese Peters‘s vocals range from shrieks to throaty growls, and even if they aren’t quite audible enough amongst the maelstrom to throw any real power against the rest of the instruments, you can tell there’s a good amount of variation there.

As is generally necessary with tech death, the drums are speedy and skilfully executed; indeed, there’s a competence across the board that is always welcome – but it is a lot of low end chugging and sweeps, and it’s largely what you expect. I’m not really drunk enough for it yet, but checking them out recorded is certainly worthwhile.

Despite some controversy surrounding Bay Area’s own Rings of Saturn and their recording techniques, I was actually hoping to be impressed by them - and impressed I was. Heavier than a band without a bassist have a right to be (although the sub-drops probably helped), their formula of throwing notes and sweeps at deathcore works, and quite potently. It helps that they seem to be who everyone is here to see, mainly, but the four clearly enjoy themselves, and the crowd reciprocate.

There are no moments where the sound feels overly mechanical, or fake, or disingenuous; it’s mostly just a lot of fun and an absolutely huge, complicated sequence of notes.

It’s not actually been that long since Aversions Crown made the long trip from Australia; they supported Within The Ruins and I Declare War last February, but make the step up to main attraction well. The venue is sold out, which certainly helps with the atmosphere – it would have sucked if there were more notes per second than people – and Aversions Crown handle the room well.

After the previous three bands, it is essentially more of the same, but the Aussies exude an almost effortless brutality – a rolling thunder of riffs is crafted around a tornado of sweat and threatening, chunky tones. The set is drawn mostly from 2014′s Tyrant, with just the one or two from 2011′s Servitude.

Harsh and threatening throughout, it’s a perfect hot, heaving foil to the January chill outside. Good work all.

- Chris

Chris Simon

- Chris