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Monuments round of 18 months of touring in their home town

Monuments No Consequence Murdock tour poster

All photos by Hannah Cole

Having released one of my favourite records of the year since last seeing them, watching the chaotic, Irish ire that is Murdock is an even more satisfying exercise than before. Amongst the singles already committed to memory – “Brain Face“, “Deer Noises” and “Erk” – are album tracks with no less punch, and on a personal level I feel I get a lot more from knowing the material better.

The sound is much more defined too. Bassist Rob’s thick tone fills out the racket behind Aidan’s guitars, and the two trade off vocals in between thrashing around sweatily. There’s definition in the pandemonium, which is pretty much the point of Murdock: however much like a cat taking ice-skating lessons in a gale it might sound, there’s method and tight composition there. Impressive.

It’s watching Ronan that really makes you want to be a bit sick though; the pace, variety and skill is absolutely outstanding. Barely any phrase is the same as another, and there are a few appreciative gawps around the crowd come the end of the set. Good start.

No Consequence - Kaan & Harry 01

No Consequence clearly have a few fans in the room; where Murdock drew slight bemusement, the London five-piece evoke an energetic few in front of the stage into various leaps and lunges.

With good reason; their sound is muscular and sort of shakes the very fabric of the building at times, vibrating legs into motion. Frontman Kaan, whilst short in stature, is blessed with a sure stage presence, and flows between screams and singing almost effortlessly.

It’s their newest material, from new album Vimana, that is of the most interest. No Consequence have always been very good at what they do, but they’ve undoubtedly stepped up a level with this record; there’s a renewed energy about them, and with an almost entirely straight face, I can say that their frills are that much frillier. Look out for our review of that in due course.

Monuments - Browne & Swanny 01

It’s always a pleasure to see Monuments - we’ve extolled their virtues live again and again, especially since the release of The Amanuensis last year – but by god are they tired. It’s both not really their fault, and also entirely self-inflicted; they’ve toured almost relentlessly for about a year and a half, putting in as much work as they can to play to as many people as possible, but the fatigue shows tonight.

The instrumentalists, usually so energetic and assured, have moments of sloppiness. Against their normally exceptional standards it’s noticeable – as much through familiarity with them as anything – but they need a break. A long one. The catalogue of injuries, affecting most members of the band at various levels, necessitate some kind of change of pace; feet up and sleeping for about a week wouldn’t be a bad start.

Nevertheless, you cannot fault their work ethic, so I think we can chalk any dips to exhaustion and give them a free pass. And in honesty, when they still give it all they have left, in the state that they are, you cannot help but admire them.

Get some shut-eye guys; we’ll still be here when you wake up.