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Conquerors Of The World tour 2014 with Septicflesh

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It’s show time in Vancouver. There have been a ton of excellent concerts in the area lately, and I have had my hands full trying to keep track of and go to all of them. On Friday July 4th, a day all our American readers were lighting off fireworks and barbequing eagles in the name of freedom, I went to see the Conquerors of the World tour. Amusingly, Conquerors of the World was the name of the last Septicflesh tour too, if I am not mistaken. Creativity in naming is clearly not their strong point.

Replacing Hour of Penance who had to pull out of the tour, Black Crown Initiate were a band I was quite intrigued to see. I’d heard good things about them from a friend, and missed them last time around.

They had a short set, being the openers, but they put on an excellent show. Progressive death metal always has a special place in my heart, and it is really nice to see Vancouver get some good prog shows once in a while. Black Crown Initiate didn’t blow me away or anything, but were quite solid and I am definitely a converted fan now. It is a shame Hour of Penance had to drop out, as they would have fit in quite well, but after Black Crown Initiate’s set, I was more than appeased. There is clearly potential in this band, and they seem to be happy to work the touring circuit, which will definitely help bring them the popularity they deserve.

Canadian death metal band Necronomicon were next. They’ve been plying their trade in relative obscurity for more than 20 years now, though they have released albums only sporadically in that time, having only just released their fourth, Rise of the Elder Ones, in 2013. I’m not very familiar with their music, but watching their live show, it isn’t really that hard to figure out why they haven’t broken into the bigger light: their death metal is solid and pleasing, to be sure, but it lacks that extra something that elevates their music to the next level, and I found myself nodding along but not really truly getting into it.

That said, it was a generally enjoyable set of Lovecraft-themed death metal, even if I found myself not really remembering much of the details of their set at all. Perhaps this tour will give them a bigger piece of the metal spotlight.

This is the third time I have seen Fleshgod Apocalypse, and each time is a different and excellent experience (though I feel like nothing will top the first time I saw them, in the open air at Heavy MTL festival). The moshpit during “The Violation” wonderfully treacherous and a lot of fun, confirming my memories that Fleshgod Apolcaypse shows are a combination of beauty and brutality. Their newest album Labyrinth suffered some production problems, so it was good hearing the songs in a live setting where you could distinguish what was going on – at least for the most part.

The orchestral elements occasionally drowned out everything else, and other times they are drowned out by everything else, but it doesn’t really matter. The operatic clean vocals are probably the best part of their music, and singing along to those is really fun – and of course, there are few songs better than thunderous set-closer “The Forsaking”; it’s slow, heavy, brooding, and powerful to the point where the heavens themselves could weep.

The mighty headliners Septicflesh, who come to us all the way from the ancient lands of Greece, recently released their highly anticipated new album Titan. In coordination with Fleshgod’s orchestral technical death metal, Septicflesh present a more Hellenic black metal take on symphonic extreme metal. Their sound was not ideal – sometimes the symphonic parts were obscured by the rest of the music, the same problem which Fleshgod had – but again, it did not matter for the most part.

Their most well known song is the infamous “Communion” which features the same melody as the jingle for Meow Mix cat food, and which they played, much to the delight of basically everybody. Other set highlights included “Anubis”, “Burn” and “Pyramid God”. I’d had a few by this point, which probably contributed to how much I enjoyed this show, but I really enjoyed Septicflesh. I think perhaps I would have liked it better were I more familiar with their discography overall, but even as a relative newbie to their material, I had a great time. They are the blackened Greek answer to Fleshgod, which is only an improvement, and the combination of those two bands really worked on this bill.

This was quite a good show, though may be I’d had too many beers to be considered a reliable resource. No matter, these are definitely bands that are worth checking out live.

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