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Sylosis’ new album gets its first run out live

Sylosis Dormant Heart release show


This has basically been us with the Reading thrash quartet over the last week or so. Lots of lovely Sylosis content.


This is you, with Sylosis all over your face. Dirty oik.

Well, here’s some more.

Monday saw them play their first show of the year. It was also my first gig of the year. And also the first run out for the band’s brand new album Dormant Heart.

Taking over probably the most appropriately named venue for the evening – The Black Heart – if not one with the least capacity; at only 150 people, the show sold out in about an hour. For a band used to playing much larger venues and big festival crowds, this was an odd but intimate choice.

Less a gig and more of gathering, the lucky few arrive to Dormant Heart playing front to back over the PA. Streaming since Friday via Nuclear Blast, it’s impossible to tell who has already heard it – only that it’s seriously worming into some ears; many heads nodding with extreme prejudice. Either way, it’s likely the best sound system on which anyone has yet heard it – it sounds GLORIOUS, and certainly fuel for advocates of louder = better. Tell that to your mum next time she tells you to turn down that awful racket.

The main even hits the stage promptly at 8:30, right as final track “Quiescent” finishes. It’s almost as if they planned it that way…

Rather than complete another play through of the record, Sylosis play a varied set – probably 50-50 old and brand new, with Dormant Heart‘s opening two followed by a salvo from Conclusion of an Age (the title track) and Monolith (“All Is Not Well“), with the rollicking “To Build A Tomb” and album preview tracks “Leech” and “Mercy” getting a more than welcome airing afterwards. Requests for movement and general moshing – as well as a tiny circle pit or two – are heeded with glee, adding to the growing sweat patches on everyone’s clothes (why did I wear a hoody?).

Frontman Josh Middleton declares it one of the hottest shows he’s ever played – no doubt; the room is packed and the fan at the rear of the room struggling – so banter is sparse, but he makes a point to thank everyone who’s come, and for supporting them whenever possible. It’s been a real grass-roots thing for them – they’ve not had massive media coverage, and aren’t in magazines every week – and it’s clear the support is well appreciated.

The setlist certainly honours fans old and new. The favourite of most - Edge Of The Earth - is well represented later in the evening, with set-closer “Empyreal” a particular highlight.

With an encore of “Stained Humanity“, the band head off to sign all and sundry at the merch stand. Touring is touted for the spring, before the summer festival season kicks off in earnest.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Simon’s review of the record itself.