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Coilguns have posted a 30-minute live set from their show in Geneva last month. We love Coilguns. Come watch Coilguns with us?


We can’t deny that, for a number of us at The Monolith, the blow of the departure of three members of The Ocean last year was substantially lessened by the prospect of hearing more from Coilguns.

Coming into being as a more spontaneous side project to their meticulously planned day jobs, Louis Jucker, Jona Nido, Luc Hess, and a bewildering array of effects pedals kick up a thrilling wall of screaming hardcore chaos. It was corralled into some form of order on Commuters, one of our favourite releases of last year (both mine and Chris‘), but it is in the live environment that it really comes into its own. Chris and I caught the band playing in a tiny Islington basement, and would have been seen shortly afterwards foraging at the back of the venue for the remains of our faces. Thrilling stuff.

Yesterday the band posted a link to a pretty extensive 30 minute live video of their show in Geneva in February. In keeping with their DIY ethos, it is a shaky, one camera affair, with the soundtrack being only what the camera’s mic could handle. As such, it would be fair to say that its not exactly face-tearing, but it may still prompt you to set fire to your curtains.

Most interestingly, the footage features a goodly chunk of new material, interspersed with some older favourites. The recording has been edited with some fairly brutal jump-cuts, and one such cut suddenly sees Luc having deserted his drums and picked up a bass. Louis has also gained a guitar, and they play some interestingly textured instrumental. A fourth, unnamed musician also appears sporadicly on a variety of instruments.

Its all tantalising stuff, building on the suggestion from Commuters that Coilguns won’t constrain themselves to short, sharp bursts of shrieking terror. The quality of the recording probably won’t warrant repeated viewings, but its definitely worth checking out once for both fans and interested parties. Here’s that video; enjoy:

Coilguns have a few more dates in Europe in April, followed by a recording session. Then they will be taking a bit of a break before some extensive touring in the autumn, which should include some UK dates. In the meantime, the recently recorded Red Kunz show featuring Louis and Luc (along with Aaron Beam and John Sherman of Red Fang) should also see the light of day before too long.

Nailing our colours to the mast, we would dearly love to see Coilguns touring the UK with either Baby Godzilla or The Colour Line. Ideally both, in some crazy maelstrom of kinetic fury. Although venue owners, sound guys and security guards may not thank us for that. What do you think, promoters?