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Hacktivist cover the infamous Jay-Z/Kanye West song


Performing covers of pop songs can be risky business. Quite often it’s a ploy by less popular bands as an attempt to try and gain some recognition, with fans both inside and outside of the metal spectrum. The nature of pop music is that it’s incredibly catchy, so a metal translation is often pretty catchy, but “more acceptable” for your average discerning metalhead to listen to, at least I think that’s the theory behind it. Of course pop music offends metalheads for a number of reasons, mainly the image associated with it and the often vapid, overly materialistic lyrics. Well, everyone’s favourite band questionable nu-djent band, Hacktivist are back with a cover of “Niggas In Paris” a song made famous by the collaboration between Jay-Z and Kayne West Watch The Throne.

It’s a song that the much maligned band often play live, and now they’ve released a professionally shot compilation of live clips to go with their cover of the song. The clips flick between showing the band perform energetically and the crowd reciprocating with a lot of physicality. On the one hand, it’s not surprising to see a band like this cover this song (read what we’ve said about the band before), because they’re not exactly striving for high brow artistry, and the song has a strong, easy to play hook. However, the band clearly handle themselves well (which means this video is a success), and this cover is actually well executed. If anything, this cover will likely win over a few more younger fans that can be more fickle over their music choices.

Lyrically they’re constrained by the original source material of the song, which is generic pop rap banter, but in some ways it’s better than their usual “insert conspiracy theory here” malaise and jumbled political messages. Oh, and no forced clean vocals. Always a plus.

You can download the song for free from their store here.

What do you guys think? Is this a cover you can get behind? Do you wish metal bands would stop covering pop songs? Sound off in the comments!

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