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Loathe Release A New Single!


Loathe are a death metal/crossover band from Malta who have been around since as early as 1999. They’ve hardly been the most prolific band, constrained by their real life commitments, be it work or their studies, causing them to only release a handful of EPs and a debut album in 2010 during their lifespan. Nothing has been heard from the band since then, until now. Loathe are back, but not with an EP or an album, this time just a single titled “Bucketlove“, acommpanied with an engaging and fun music video.

“Bucketlove” is a solid slab of modern groove metal. They’re a band that are by no means seeking to redefine the bounaries of metal, but they have managed to create an charming and effective single. The video is a low budget and silly endeavour that allows you to become the voyeur in watching the band enjoy themselves, in the hopes that you too will have some fun. It’s unlikely that this single means the band are going to be putting out another album any time soon as they have stated that they are swamped with real life commitments. Check out the single below!

What do you guys think? Is this fun? Would you like to see Loathe back? Sound off in the comments!

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