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Loma Prieta return like clockwork for sophomore Deathwish release

loma prieta 2013 tour

I started posting about Loma Prieta a couple of weeks ago, but I obviously got distracted by something shiny and whatever it was fell by the wayside (probably something to do with the poster above, dumb-ass!). Fortunately for them and my scattered brain, they’ve given me a chance to redeem myself today with 44 seconds of new material, guaranteed to give you the swift kick in the nads.

For those unfamiliar with the band, they’re a Californian hardcore band, formed in 2005, and named for the infamous ‘World Series Earthquake’ of 1989, that occurred in the run up to that year’s World Series, one of the biggest events in the baseball calendar.

They really broke through with 2008′s Last City, a violent screamo record with more than a few nods to the likes of genre heavyweights Ampere and Orchid. It barely let up from the get-go – a trait that has been aped by their career, as they have put out something every year barring 2011. Their most recent record was I.V., their debut on monster hardcore label Deathwish Inc.

They’re now about to put out a split with Raein, the highly-regarded and experienced Italian screamo band, whose 2005-2007 hiatus seems not to have affected their quality at all.

No release date as of yet, but the record will feature four tracks from Loma Prieta and one from Raein – with one of the former “Immemorial” streamable below. I must admit I’m a little late to the party with this one, but given the fairly underground nature of the band, I hope you’ll forgive me and give these 44 seconds of new material a try anyway.

Tracklisting is as follows.

Loma Prieta Raein01. Immemorial (Loma Prieta)
02. Poverty Map - (Loma Prieta)
03. Mansion Fire - (Loma Prieta)
04. Spray Paint - (Loma Prieta)
05. Love and Death – (Raein)

As you can see from the above poster, Loma Prieta are also on tour in North America at the moment, so make sure to catch them if sweaty moshing and impassioned, emotional music is your thing.

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