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Second cut from Architects forthcoming album Lost Forever // Lost Together makes its way online

Architects Broken Cross banner Lost Forever Lost Together

About a month ago, the Architects machine lumbered into life once again to promote the band’s forthcoming sixth album Lost Together // Lost Forever with a track and video called “Naysayer which is probably a not-so-veiled “up yours” to the various naysayers who haven’t enjoyed their more recent offerings – myself included. Fair e-fucking-nough.

I didn’t have a strong opinion on the track either way at the time, but it’s grown on me. The band have said the album is full of songs written for the live environment, so you can expect them to be touring the balls off this one. It’s undoubtedly influenced the sound, which has big chunky, chuggy riffs, which are fairly fun if nothing else.

Just under a month later, and we’ve got another new track and lyric video – this time called “Broken Cross” – and it’s awfully similar to what this sounds/looks like:

It’s got a pretty anti-Christian message, with lyrics like “Father, father, how I’ve let you down // A fucking tyrant in a hollow crown.” The imagery features a lot of Westboro Baptist Fuckheads placards. It’s a pretty damn angry song, and pretty damn enjoyable too.

Wait wait wait though…did somebody say Hollow Crown? Well, yes – their 2009 opus has actually been mentioned in interviews leading up to this, with vocalist Sam Carter saying:

“I’m really excited in a way that I haven’t been since Hollow Crown.”

That doesn’t mean this will be HC II, but I’m glad they’re more up for this than ever. Could be a sleeper hit, we’re hoping!

Lost Forever // Lost Together is due out March 11th through Epitaph Records. The band are heading out with Stray From The Path and Northlane across the UK in support, before going over to Europe. Dates below:

Architects Stray From The Path Northlane tour poster Chris