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Dream Theater try and represent “The Enemy Inside” with their new lyric video

Just yesterday legendary progressive metal band Dream Theater, released “The Enemy Inside“, their first new song in two years, and first to feature new drummer Mike Mangini writing his own parts for the band. Bafflingly, they released it via USA Today, which aside from being an unconventional place to put it, effectively fucked over any of their fans that didn’t live in North America. Of course, the song quickly appeared on Youtube, thanks to discerning fans, but it still seemed like an odd move for the band and label, one that may have cost them some fan praise.

Well, to counteract that, Dream Theater have quickly followed that scheduling gaff up with a lyric video of the very same song uploaded to Youtube. Orsaeth already posted about the song, but if you really wished for a version that draws attention to the slightly shaky vocals and lyrics of James LaBrie whilst also staring at a bald man stumbling around a bleak landscape then you’re in luck! Dream Theater have clearly been listening to me talk in my sleep.

In all seriousness, I get that this guy is clearly struggling with the eponymous “enemy inside”, but it’s done in such a strangely overt and “clunk you over the head with its obviousness” kind of way that I’m left pondering whether it’s the best thing to represent a band that’s supposed to be progressive. To be fair, the USA Today gaff and the nonsensical lyric video could all just be the work of Roadrunner Records, but then it becomes more disappointing that a band so well respected isn’t more in control of (or even taking an interest in) the outward perception of their art.

The Enemy Inside” is the first track released off Dream Theater, their twelfth album overall. This of course brings me back to a question I raised the other day, which is why do bands in advanced stages of their career choose to self title their albums? Does it represent boredom or a lack of creativity from the band? Or does it make the album a statement, not to shun what has come before, but to demonstrate that a band is comfortable with their sound at the moment and feels like they have defined themselves once more.
I think in the case of Dream Theater, we can safely say it’s probably the latter, rather than the former. Say what you will about their music, it’s clear that they’re album titling has a lot to do with the massive blowout that happened between the band and their former drummer Mike Portnoy, when he unceremoniously left the band to pursue other projects.

It was an ugly saga for Dream Theater fans to witness, as Portnoy exposed his true, overly dramatic stuff and proceeded to slam the band in any way he could and focus attention on him. Unfortunately, he now regrets that, recently doing an interview saying that he would re-join the band, and that he only needed a “break”, but now they won’t talk to him; as if, he didn’t possibly do anything that would warrant that reaction from them.

A Dramatic Turn Of Events was the sign of change for the band, and the freshest album they had made in years, now this twelfth entry into their discography is their opportunity to define this new iteration of Dream Theater and move into the future in a positive manner. Good on them, I say.

What do you guys think? Is this lyric video a bit rubbish? Are you happy with this new iteration of Dream Theater? Do you agree with Quigs’ sentiments about the titling of the album? Sound off in the comments!

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