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Gorguts Return To The Fold, But They Have Not Been Forgotten

Gorguts - Colored Sands

For those who don’t know, Gorguts were once one of the death metal greats. Their music was insane, dark and deeper than an oceanic trench. The riffing was atypical and instead of cutting deep with sharp precision like most death metal, they instead enveloped you in a blanket of smog, pulling you further into their cavernous depths. The atmosphere of Gorguts was always all-encompassing, almost suffocating in its evil persistence. By that same token though, it was definitely not music that everyone could love and was only reserved for the most “elite” of death metal nutjobs.

Gorguts sadly disappeared twelve years ago, but now they have returned with a different line-up, leading many fans to understandably doubt whether they could maintain the quality that Gorguts are known for. I think many fans would agree that they’d rather a band stay dead so that they can cling to the legendary albums of old, rather than come back to life and sully the name. Luckily, Gorguts have wasted no time releasing a new song from the impending record. After listening  a few times I think it’s pretty safe to say that Gorguts fans don’t have anything to worry about.

When Gorguts originally came onto the scene they were an extremely unique property, yet since they’ve departed their fame has grown and now there’s even a tiny movement of the type of sludgey “post-death” metal that they originally pioneered. Bands like Mitochondrian and Ulcerate have expanded the potential fanbase for music such as this, which is why it’s an excellent business decision for a band like Gorguts to come back, especially if they’ve got some new music in the pipe.

Forgotten Arrows” is a good song, that achieves many of the trademark moments that you would expect from a Gorguts song, but I’m not overly wowed by it. The most intriguing moment of the song for me actually comes at the end when it fades out with three different weedly scraping sounds that honestly make more of an impact on me than the rest of the song. It sounds like they’re trying to lower some kind of dangerous animal into a hole and it keeps trying to get out. Fills me with more dread than the rest of the song did!

All in all, Gorguts’ comeback album Colored Sands will be a treat for old Gorguts fans, new fans and probably if you like really sludgey metal as well. Note: Why when all of their peers go for really interestingly coloured album covers do Gorguts choose a monochromatic one? Not only that, but the album is CALLED Colored Sands – with no colour.

Colored Sands will be released on August 30th in Europe and September 3rd in North America, via Season Of Mist Records. Pre-order it here. 

What do you guys think? Have you missed Gorguts? Are you looking forward to this record? Should they have stayed dead? Sound off in the comments!

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