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Iced Earth bringing destruction in their new album’s title track


American power metal band Iced Earth are back for a new album. We already detailed the glorious artwork and tracklisting for the impending Plagues of Babylon, the band’s eleventh full length release, and now, thanks to the  generosity of the band and Century Media, we have been gifted with a lyric video for the title track for the release.

Upon listening to this mighty seven minute long beast of a song, I can say I quite like it. It opens with a slow, marching beat that transitions into a really catchy riff for the verse, one that doesn’t feel like Schaffer is writing on autopilot either. The tone of the song almost reminds me of the song “Damien” from the Horror Show album. Stu Block sounds great, though I would love to have heard more of his amazing falsetto here. We do get a really nice growl from him however, so no complaining. The chorus of the song is appropriately apocalyptic, and the spoken passage is a really nice touch, resonating with a dark reverence, like an orator for the endtimes.

Lyrically, the song is pretty dark. Obviously, it is about the city-state of Babylon, and a Biblical plague destroying it. It appears to be told from the perspective of the god-kings who rule, those who would cleanse the city of the peasants. The Biblical lyrical themes are what Iced Earth are best at, and it is good to see a return to that after the – admittedly really cool – futuristic lyrics on the last album.

All in all, this is a good indication that we’ll be getting a really good album from the band, perhaps one that can top the last outing, Dystopia.

Plagues of Babylon will be released some time in early 2014 (tentatively January), so we’ll keep you updated on that!

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