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Dream Theater singer James LaBrie releases new music from impending solo album


James LaBrie is the vocalist for the legendary progressive metal band Dream Theater. He also has a solo project, which he originally started under the name Mullmuzzler, but has since been renamed to be released under his own name. He has released four solo albums so far, with the fifth one, Impermanent Resonance, coming up for release in September. On Tuesday, the second song from the album was released in the form of a lyric video.

The song is a ballad titled “Back On The Ground”. I may be a huge fan of Dream Theater, but I haven’t really paid much attention to LaBrie’s solo work, since he is generally regarded as the weakest link in the band, and rightly so, if only because the other members are immensely talented rather than he not being very good, and nowhere is that more obvious than on this song. He sounds decent enough, but his songwriting is pretty weak. The song sounds like a pop ballad with weird space-themed lyrics as metaphors and generic metalcore-esque guitars. I am generally a defender of LaBrie, but it is hard to defend this. It isn’t the worst thing ever, but neither is it really very good either.

The first song that was released, titled “Agony”, was much better. It features some pretty nifty heavy riffing, growled vocals from dummer Peter Wildoer (who also auditioned to be Dream Theater’s drummer back when Mike Portnoy left in 2010), a pretty cool guitar solo, and is generally a lot more enjoyable. So the album won’t be a complete loss, as long as there are more like “Agony”. James does have a few good albums in his solo career, with the last one Static Impulse, being much better than what we’ve seen so far from Impermanent Resonance.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Impermanent Resonance? Do you agree that LaBrie is the weakest part of Dream Theater?Sound off in the comments!

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