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Mandroid Echostar release new song to promote impending Citadels EP

Mandroid Echostar - Citadels

Those of you have followed The Monolith since our inception will know that we have a very special place in our blackened hearts for Canadian progressive metal band Mandroid Echostar. During the ramp up to our launch we initially offered a Mandroid goody bag, and we have previously praised their music on multiple occasions.

Yesterday, the band released a new song called “To The Wolves“, which is taken from their upcoming EP, Citadels (for which, the striking album art can be seen above). Mandroid Echostar have never tried to hide their Coheed And Cambria influences, both in image and musical potency, and that influence is even more prescient on “To The Wolves” than ever before. In fact, if the rest of the EP plays out like this track, it would seem that the band have abandoned and avoided any of the djent trappings they may have previously been associated with.

While that may be good news for some of you, it may put off others as well. There’s a fine line between taking influence from something, and sounding like a watered down clone of the original. I certainly don’t think Mandroid have become the latter yet, but they need to be careful to carve out a path that is more their own on later releases.

The song comes with a lyric video that is a solid effort, serving its purpose by delivering the lyrics in a kinetic and engaging manner, without distracting from the music that accompanies it. If you’ve seen a lyric video before, you know how it plays out.

As it stands, Citadels is likely to become a must have EP for any fans of the progressive metal spectrum; whether you’re a fan of Coheed & Cambria or Protest The Hero, Mandroid Echostar will have you covered come October.

What do you guys think? Are you happy with this new track? Do you think that they balance their influences well? How would you like to see the band continue from here on out? Are you excited for Citadels? Sound off in the comments!

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