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Monuments unleash second barnstorming new track from The Amanuensis

Monuments Origin Of Escape

Around Monolith Towers, we’re of the strong opinion that British progressive metal band Monuments‘ forthcoming album will be a bit of a breakthrough. Whilst they’ve had a buzz about them for a while, and have shown their chops as musicians, performers and songwriters on a consistent basis, there’s always been one thing or another spoiling the party ever so slightly.

Vocalists have been the main problem. Everyone fell in love with dual frontmen Neema Askari and Greg Pope on their three-track demo, and then they moved on, causing the tracks that everyone adored to sound different or, in one case, be dropped entirely. Replacement Matt Rose did a fine job, but lacked chemistry for some, and ultimately led to drama, which is never good.

But the band seem to have solved their issues since the addition of former Periphery and Haunted Shores singer Chris Barretto last year. Whilst they’ve played a number of shows with him, including last year’s UK Tech Fest, the real work has been done behind the scenes, with the band hard at work writing and recording the follow-up to debut album Gnosis.

This has clearly been time well spent. An instrumental playthrough of lead single “I, The Creator” – followed by a version with full vocals – set appetites to slobber, but it’s clear this isn’t a one-off, as a new track called “Origin Of Escape” has landed with this handy lyric video for public consumption:

Excuse us while we send out a search party for our socks. That was marvellous.

It’s got monster grooves; it’s got raw aggression; it’s got dynamic vocals; it’s got killer bass work. It’s exactly what Monuments do so well, and it does it consistently, across the board, and it leaves us wanting so very much more.

SImon said the other day that he thinks it’s going to do for them what Altered State did for TesseracT; that is, takes the band’s formula and condense it down – losing any fat – into a fat slab of this-is-Sparta-ing gut-kickery. Do you get what I mean?

Probably not, but take it from me; The Amanuensis is going to slay. It’s due out through Century Media Records on June 23rd in the UK/EU/AUS/NZ, and July 8th in the USA/Canada.