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Second new song from new Oh, Sleeper EP Titan

Oh Sleeper

Quigs wrote about Texan dudes Oh, Sleeper a couple of weeks back when they released a song called “The Pitch“, featuring ex-Periphery and Haunted Shores guest vocalist Casey Sabol. After finishing up their Solid State Records contract with the well-received Children Of Fire – which is a damn decent slab of metalcore, with a firey and well-delivered Christian theme – the band decided to see what they could do themselves and crowdfunded a new EP (as well as for repairs to their touring van) to release independently, of which The Titan EP is the result.

That came out yesterday, and there’s been another full song doing the rounds called “Death From Above“. It’s unfortunately not a reference to eclectic cult noise rock duo Death From Above 1979; instead it’s a more biblical thing again (whilst not all of the members are Christians, a few, including vocalist Micah Kinard, are) and could refer to one of many things, including the legendary tenth plague of Egypt, the ‘good’ angel of death Michael, his more ‘evil’ mirror Samael, or even Abaddon, the destroying angel in the Book of Revelation.

Featuring a guest spot from Falling In Reverse guitarist Jacky Vincent, it’s another really tight song. Although primarily a screamer, in some of his cleaner moments Kinard recalls Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue, which is no mean praise, and his harshes are fairly strong too, if not remarkable. The band’s musical chops are accomplished, preferring to eschew simple riffing to include some nice leads, and the composition is pretty good across the board too.

The Titan EP is out now through all major digital outlets, and seems more than worth checking out at this point. The band can be found on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour this very day, so if you’re interested and going, go see what they’re like!

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