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Oh, Sleeper are giving you “The Pitch” for The Titan EP

Oh Sleeper

Oh, Sleeper are a Christian metalcore band from Fort Worth, Texas, signed to proudly Christian metal label Solid State Records. On Saturday they released a new song from their forthcoming EP, which is titled The Titan EP. In case you weren’t clear it was an EP, the band handily included it in the title. Now you’ll never get confused.

The band have generated a moderate following after their critically praised third album Children Of Fire, which was released in 2011. Their last two concept albums have been about a war between God & Satan, which, while the music behind it was good, is clearly only going to appeal to a certain sub-sect of people. While Oh, Sleeper are one of the better metalcore bands in recent memory, if you’re not religious and find yourself easily bothered by overly preachy lyrics then you’re likely not going to enjoy this very much. However, if you can look past the lyrics, you’ll find a very well put together song here.

While the quality isn’t all that great (we’ll blame YouTube for now), the song is well written, with a number of strong transitions and a firm understanding of effective melodies. “The Pitch” also features guest vocals from ex-Periphery vocalist Casey Sabol, who is a very accomplished singer in his own right. His impressive voice fits in well with the band and really aids in augmenting the song.

Oh, Sleeper recently took to Indiegogo to seek crowdfunding in order to fund this EP. They asked for $30,000, which seems awfully excessive for a mere EP, although in fairness, that does also go towards getting a new van and trailer so that they can tour. Last month they posted an update to this campaign on YouTube, that while flashy and slightly light hearted fell on the wrong side of “begging” and makes the band seem a little too desperate.

Regardless, it seems to have worked though as now that the campaign is over the band have made over $54,000. Congratulations to Oh, Sleeper and that’s good news for their fans!

What do you guys think? Is the Christian content all a bit too much? Do you like the new song? Did you donate to the campaign?

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