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New Protest The Hero lyric video laments the innocence of pitbulls

Protest The Hero - A Life Embossed video screen cap

It’s hard to talk about Protest The Hero now without mentioning the whole crowdfunding spiel, and to be honest everyone’s running out of ways to say it, so here’s the Cliffnotes version: Protest The Hero, no label, source money for new record through Indiegogo, raise $341,146 which is almost three times their goal, call in Chris Adler of Lamb Of God to play drums after Moe quits, call it Volition, and hey presto, here we are a couple of weeks away from the launch date with two songs already heard, and a third debuted today in the form of “A Life Embossed“, which is the album’s seventh track. There’s also a lyric video, which serves doubly as a soapbox for the issue raised in the song, which is clearly very important to the band:

I sometimes tend to let lyrics go over my head (I’m bad at catching all of them so I just pick out lines usually), but ones like this are pretty clear:

“If a pitbull is a weapon you’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands”

The issue is pretty clear throughout, and is summed up by the closing frames, in which the pitbull-type dog which has clearly been having a whale of a time throughout the video, being super cute and not at all dangerous, boops noses with a mic (am I seeing that right?) and is followed by the message “BAN THE LEGISLATION, NOT THE BREED” along with a few weblinks.

I’ve not looked into this fully, but can only assume some sort of Canadian legislation is sticking in their craw. The breed is notorious for being reported in cases of canine savagery, particularly against children (it’s true here in the UK too) but PtH clearly feel this is inaccurate, so fair play to them for doing something about it.

The musicality itself is a bit more in the vein of older Protest The Hero (Kezia/Fortress-era) than we heard from the first song “Clarity, starting out more aggressively, and dropping in and out of that mode frequently throughout. What do you guys reckon?

Volition is out October 29th through various outlets.

If you’re interested in following those links at the end of the video, here they are.

“You could stand up for a dog that is not your own because your own damn dog is next.”