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Sylosis debut second single from new album

Josh Sylosis Leech video

Kind of missed the boat on this one, but earlier this week British thrash band Sylosis released a second track from their forthcoming fourth album Dormant Heart. It’s always worth talking about Sylosis, so here’s the thing.

The track is called “Leech“, and comes with a rather handy and slightly NSFW animated video, so it’s been put on Vimeo rather than YouTube. Have a squiz:

“Leech is the second single off the new album. I would say the album is probably our heaviest to date but this song showcases a more melodic and stripped back side to what we do. It’s a really dark, sinister doomy sounding song and we thought it would be cool to try something a bit different for the video and have it reflect the vibe of the music. We’ve always wanted to have an animated music video and it allows for a bit more creativity and makes it stand out.”

This follows on from “Mercy“, released a few weeks ago now., and it certainly is less..thrashy? it’s certainly not as pacey; more of a slow-nod kind of song. The animation style is ever so slightly reminiscent of Metalocalypse, which is fitting I guess. The press release informs me it was animated by the very talented Mr. Oliver Jones of Better Feeling Films, took about five hours to film for the traced-over rotoscoping footage, and roughly 60 days to animate. It was all done by him, which is very impressive.

As with “Mercy“, guitarist and frontman Josh Middleton has published a tutorial playthrough video for anyone wishing to learn the song. It’s pretty cool that he’s done this; not just for one, but at least two (maybe there’ll be more?). Have a look at that here:

Sylosis have just announced a very intimate album release show at Camden’s 100-capacity Black Heart on January 12, the day of Dormant Heart‘s UK release through Nuclear Blast. Unfortunately it sold out within an hour, but if we manage to get in, we’ll let you know how it went.

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