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The Devil Wears Prada release a new track from their upcoming album

The Devil Wears Prada - 8 18

My relationship with metalcore could be described as tenuous at best, non-existent at worst. There was once a time where I enjoyed a lot of the examples from the genre, but now that time has well and truly passed. Weirdly enough though, I always find myself being particularly receptive to the music of The Devil Wears Prada, despite their Christian background and often preachy lyrics. In a weird way, I always felt that they adequately straddled the line between their promoting their message without descending into self indulgence rather well and thusly tolerated some of the less than subtle references. They’re also a band that have progressed considerably since their inception, something that sadly can’t be said for many other bands within the metalcore subgenre.

The thing that really makes The Devil Wears Prada stand out from the rest though is the ability of their vocalist Mike Hranica, who, while perhaps not being the most technically gifted vocalist in existence, is definitely one of the more passionate. On earlier albums, he used to painfully scream his heart out about things that he believed, and even if I didn’t necessarily agree with some of his views, I couldn’t help but be stirred by his performance. They’re also one of the only bands that I can tolerate, and perhaps even passably enjoy, the use of autotune on their clean vocal sections.

However, still not being a metalcore fan and having distanced myself substantially from the genre, I can’t say that I’ve followed the band that closely as of late. Their earlier material certainly has nostalgia value for me and occasionally I will find myself listening to it, but the newer stuff, while obviously better for the genre, was still dwelling in an area of music that I just don’t care about anymore. The Devil Wears Prada recently signed to Roadrunner Records and have a new new album coming out this September.

There were originally some minor concern as to how their first major label output would turn out, but they’ve just released a song entitled “Martyrs” that seems hell bent on proving the naysayers wrong. What we’re faced with is solid slab of metalcore, with Hranica’s trademark pained vocals plastered over the top, and not a whiff of autotune. While this song is definitely “heavier” than some of their earlier material, it’s a little disappointing to not hear more of the strong melodies and hooks that the band were so adept at implementing into their previous work.

Martyrs” is accompanied by a rather strange substitute for a lyric video, featuring grainy footage of various mood setting images with the lyrics appearing in time with the music – pretty standard for a lyric video then! Except not, due to the extremely stark contrast and beauty of the images on display. The video seriously looks amazing, but at the same time the delivery of the lyrics, whilst unique, is a little puzzling and often makes them very difficult to decipher. It’s a perplexing development, as if you didn’t want to use the lyrics, you should have just made a pretty compilation. As it stands, the audience are still trying to figure out what that last rushed jumble of letters said by the time the next one slams into the screen.

Martyrs” is taken off the band’s impending fifth album called 8: 18. While it could most definitely just be a significant time of day, we all know what it really stands for – a passage from the bible, more specifically Romans 8: 18:

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”

Certainly a nice sentiment, but is it all just fluff?

8: 18 is released on the 17th September via Roadrunner Records.

What do you guys think? Are you susceptible to this style of metalcore? Do you think the band have aged well? Are you interested in the new album? Do their ideologies clash with yours? Do you think the video is effective? Sound off in the comments!

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