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The Sun Explodes list off things they are not other than “Serpentine”

The Sun Explodes Serpentine lyric video screen cap

As you may have gathered from our review of their new album We Build Mountains, we think Carlisle quintet The Sun Explodes are, well, pretty damn neat – especially after getting to see them perform a bunch of songs from the record last month on their UK tour. I was still feeling sort of haggard after UK Tech-Metal Fest, but they put on an awesomely enthralling performance, with frontman Dave Maclachlan a particular highlight, writhing around the stage and floor and hitting all of the impressive notes in his range very well.

They released a video for “SevenThreeOne” a while ago, which was many people’s introduction to them, and it was mightily impressive for an unsigned band. They clearly put a lot of love into what they do, and the touches of theatrical makeup on a couple of the members are an interesting angle; less Black Veil Brides and more Braveheart, so we’re cool with that.

They’ve now released a new lyric video for ”Serpentine“, which is the epic concluding track to the album, and right from the get go it feels like a climactic tune if ever there was one. The big, crunchy chords and big drums fill out the music nicely. The lyrics appears to be introspective list of all the things that The Sun Explodes/Dave are/is not, other than being “serpentine” (“I am serpentine” is a great line, delivered with real aplomb), which I can only assume is an allusion to twisting and turning a lot, being a bit snake-like, or having a very big willy. I’m sure they’d like you to think it’s the last one, the cheeky beggars.

Check The Sun Explodes out on Facebook. We Build Mountains is out now and available from all good digital retailers, or physically from their webstore here. Go support them!