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Threshold preview new album with lyric video for “Watchtower On The Moon”

Threshold For The Journey

I somehow completely missed the fact that British progressive metal titans Threshold were releasing a new album this year. Their last one, March of Progress, was one of my favourites of 2012, and was also their first album with vocalist Damien Wilson back in the fold. Wilson rejoined the band after Andy McDermott suddenly quit following the release of Dead Reckoning in 2007. In my opinion, Wilson is a better vocalist anyways, though no disrespect meant to McDermott (who passed away in 2011 from kidney failure). He possesses a very unique voice and a fairly good range.

The new Threshold album, which is to be titled For The Journey, will be his fourth with the band. He also provided vocals for the band’s full length debut, Wounded Land and 1997′s Extinct Instinct.

Some time over the weekend, a new song called “Watchtower on the Moon” was premiered for all to hear, along with a lyric video.

The thing about Threshold is that they’ve always favoured a more straight-forward style of music, more in line with early progressive metal than the more complex form that is prevalent today. “Watchtower on the Moon” is no exception, and it fucking rules. The verses are heavy and melodic, with Damien Wilson showing off his prowess, and the choruses are big and anthemic, in signature Threshold style. The guitar solo does a great job of meshing into the song rather than being simply a carriage for guitarist Karl Groom to show off.

Lyric videos are usually mostly pointless, but at least this one looks cool. Scenes of space, forest, and random otherworlds are shown, and they all look rather appealing. Lyrically, this song is a plea to an unnamed person who seems to care only for themselves and nobody else. It’s a fairly standard theme, though at least Threshold are able to tell it in a great way.

For the Journey will be released through Nuclear Blast on September 19th in the EU, September 22nd in the UK, and September 30th in North America.

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