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Mastodon return to Iceland after 11 years


With festival season around the corner, Icelandic metalheads are likely to be heading to Wacken, Hellfest or any of the hundreds of metal festivals held around the world as they look for opportunities to see their favorite bands that never come to the land of ice and snow.

This year may prove a bit different however, with Eistnaflug due to be headlined by Behemoth, along with several metal bands of varying size from around the world including Rotting Christ, Enslaved, Conan and Kvelertak.

and now the announcement that Mastodon are finally returning!

Rokkjötnar, being held for the third time this year, might take the cake though. They have never had a foreign band on their bill before but apparently went all out this year, as they have just announced the mighty Mastodon are finally returning to Icelandic shores.

The Georgian quintet have been here once before, some eleven years ago, and that visit influenced a pretty kick ass song from the album Leviathan, so it’s been a long time coming.

Hundreds of people have been part of a Facebook group petitioning to bring Mastodon back for a few years, so it’s probably safe to assume the 500 early bird tickets that went on sale on today will sell out quickly.

Given that Eistnaflug is attracting more and more metalheads from abroad, perhaps this is another step in the direction of metal-based tourism in Iceland, but whether it’s a small step for Iceland or not, it’s a giant leap for Rokkjötnar. Mastodon are the only band announced so far, but with bands like Sólstafir and Momentum playing previous years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mastodon will want to stay in the lava for life.

Rokkjötnar will take place on Saturday 5th September, and you can ensure your entry by buying a ticket here.

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