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First new Maths track in four years debuts ahead of EP release

Maths 2015

Despite their notable absence in recent years, Maths remain – for me – one of the brightest talents in the British screamo scene. In a genre known for its brevity, their last EP, 2011′s Ascent, clocked in at just over 11 minutes, whilst 2009 opus Descent was one of those hallowed half-hour albums that is perfect at what it does with absolutely no filler.

Thankfully, after four years away, the trio are about to release a new EP called The Fires Courting The Sea, and have debuted its title track by way of preview:

On this basis, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that The Fires Courting The Sea will be brief but explosive, as this track shows. Maths have their own style and sound: the guitars cut through, stabbing with big chords, surrounded by massive cymbal crashes. Their stop-start mode frequently chops between frantic and slow, open riffs, all caterwauled over by the vocalist.

Six tracks in total, it will run a little something like this:

Maths - The Fires Courting The Sea artwork01. Child Wandering Along The Thames
02. The Fires Courting The Sea
03. Last Night Silhouette
04. The Water is the Colour of the Sky
05. Laughter Stirs the Canyon
06. Outside the Window

The Fires Courting The Sea is out March 23rd on Tangled Talk Records. Head over here to pre-order, and here to download the rest of their back-catalogue.

Maths are thought to be booking a tour for May time, so make sure to go out and see them if you can.