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Mechina, the industrial death metal band with heavy symphonic influences based out of Chicago, have been slowly lurching back to life after embedding themselves in the studio to work on their follow-up to 2011′s Conqueror, an album that has long been known as Empyrean.

The group released two songs a long while back and then quickly decided that they could improve upon them as well as the whole record, which resulted in them delaying the release so they could spend more time refining their product. Man has it provided dividends though, because the newly released single ‘Anathema‘ is fantastic. They’ve ramped up the symphonic elements and included so many different layers of orchestration on top of their brand of metal. It feels like a natural evolution of what the band started with Conqueror and then later hinted at with the single ‘Andromeda‘.

You can pre-order the new album over at Mechina’s home site, and the band have announced on their Facebook page that anyone who pre-orders will receive the group’s first two demos recorded at a time that the band defines as “where we had no idea what we were doing.” The group have also uploaded a sampler of the full disc to YouTube here for folks to listen to. However, you can listen to the song ‘Anathema‘ below…and you should; it’s fucking great.