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Meshuggah’s creepy new video for “I Am Colossus” gets the staff treatment

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Swedish giants Meshuggah‘s most recent album Koloss was released over a year ago, but last week they released a much heralded video for the opening track “I Am Colossus“. We’re not sure why this has taken so long – the myriad tours might have had something to do with it – but it’s an incredibly striking piece of film, and so we’ve taken a bit of time to collate some thoughts on it.

Here’s the video, and following it some of the staff giving it the once-over.

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Very cool video, I dig the creepy nun-dolls and assembly of the colossus, the song however is nothing to write home about, and I really dig Meshuggah. That riff at 2:00 is pretty killer. Is the animation some sort of claymation? Or just some newer CG? Very interesting, and I like how the movement/mometum of the dolls keeps in pace with the guitars (case in point after the 3:15 mark).

Professor D. Grover the XIIIth

I wasn’t that high on the album, or this track in particular, but the video is really quite good. It’s clearly made specifically with the song in mind, and I like how the video syncs up with the music, and it’s a good, creepy video that eschews the usual performance video style. The Tool comparisons are pretty obvious, and unavoidable, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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The musical/motional synchronisation is a strong point. Visually, it’s a great video – looks like something ripped straight from a stygian nightmare; one of those fever dreams that is all at once terrifying and nonsensical. Its imagery seems plucked at random, but the terror clings like the black viscosity of the almost spider-webby, inky liquid motif.

Did anyone draw parellels between the triangular key/tower at the end and the elemental ‘keys’ from The Fifth Element?

I like Meshuggah, but not a whole lot, and Koloss left me pretty cold. They’re VERY good at what they do – if it’s your thing. More of the same.

The timing of this does feel a bit odd.

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OW. That was fantastic. Reminds me of Adam Jones meets Tim Burton. Pretty much the only video I’ve seen in the past month that has given me hope for heavy metal music videos.

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If there’s any djent I’ll listen to it’s this band. This song, I’m not so sure about though. It’s little more than a collection of odd ball rhythms. It may be a trademark, but that alone doesn’t cut it. Not quite as powerful as, say, Bleed that catches on like a sticky grenade!

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Cor, someone has been watching their Tool videos, haven’t they?

It’s certainly a cool video, but it is a bit of a shame that it fits so perfectly into the Tool vernacular that you could easily whip the track off it and stick something from Lateralus and nobody would really notice.

More generally, Koloss is a bit of an odd beast. Prior to its release, there was a wild and feverish anticipation for it across the board – but people seemed to get over that really quickly once they actually had it. Perhaps that is why they are now releasing a video for the notional title track a full year after the album.

Personally, I think this is the best stuff Meshuggah have done – but I find that “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion” is usually enough to satisfy me. Brutally, they are a one-trick pony. They’ve got really good at that trick, but I find I can never really listen to more than two or three of their songs in one go, at least outside of the live environment.


Musically not entirely my thing I guess, never seems to really go anywhere new. I do love the video though and strongly agree with aforementioned parallels to the similar style of videos Tool used to do.

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Quite a tremendous video. The Burtonesque animation and imagery pair nicely with Meshuggah’s angular beatdowns. And for once, the lyrics actually give some sense of meaning that matches up with the visuals, which is rare. The video manages to have a modicum of plotting and comes to a conclusion. These are small things, but countless videos fail to unite the content with the sound and the sound and content with the imagery.

As for the song, it is a serviceable Meshuggah track. When you’re as unique and influential as they are, there’s probably not much of an incentive to drastically change your sound. Meshuggah doesn’t change by leaps and bounds and that’s just part of the band’s gestalt. Like much of the album, this song is a slow, weirdly-timed meander through heaviness and, although it’s not the most exciting thing ever – that’s just fine by me.


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