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Will You Go On A Quest With Metallica: Through The Never?

Metallica -Through The Never

All the way back in January of this year (wow, this year has gone stupidly fast!) I wrote a preview of the new concert masturbation event film that showcases Metallica‘s legendary status in the industry (and not much else) entitled Metallica: Through The Never.

While many people feel that Metallica aren’t exactly the most relevant or exciting band anymore there’s no doubting that this is the least mainstream band to get an epic mainstream esque concert film made about their music, so there’s that. Metallica: Through The Never will combine footage of the band performing a special huge show that will likely sport a setlist comprised of most of their classic material, with footage of a young roadie who is desperately scrambling to collect a special item for Metallica while they play. This was all we knew back in January, and we identified the potential of a quest narrative serving the film to effectively showcase the power of Metallica’s music by juxtaposing it with fitting narrative events.

However, some of this potential has been squandered due to the puzzling idea to turn it into a situation where our roadie (rising star Dane DeHaan) is run off the road by a mysterious car (in a scene that’s giving me horrific flashbacks to the “Frantic” video) and finds himself stuck in the middle of a war between rebels and riot police. Great, so basically we can look forward to faceless metal heads fighting faceless policemen and showing the world that we are really just a bunch of violent, disrespectful dicks. In the wake of the Randy Blythe and Tim Lambesis trials that’s hardly the appropriate message to send to the masses right now.

But wait, there’s more: in the midst of this strange and inexplicable violent event, a fearless masked horseman attacks the crowd, slaying both rioter and policeman. This maniac sets his sights on our poor defenceless roadie and it becomes a heart thumping and engaging chase across the city. What? Seriously?

The trailer itself is incredibly tame and bland, but filled with MASSIVE TITLES that try and convince you otherwise. Whoever was in charge of cutting this trailer failed abysmally as not only does it look uninteresting, it just doesn’t flow well at all. Check it out:

Moaning aside, there’s something to be said for metal concerts. A lot of what we experience as music fans in a live setting is “had to be there moments” – where you can feed off the energy of the crowd and the band. Metal isn’t really a type of music that’s made for concert event films because more often than not the actual spectacle is in the quality of the music and not the performance. Popstars shows are very much focused on dancing, showmanship, lighting and performance, rather than the actual music, because more often than not it’s just being played through the speakers, with the insane production levels justifying the equally insane ticket costs. Metal doesn’t really have much of that, so a big open concert film just doesn’t seem like it will be as effective.

Metallica: Through The Never is directed by Nimrod Antal and starring Dane DeHaan. It’s produced by the resurrected PictureHouse production studio and will be released as a special IMAX only event on the 27th September. It will hit theatres fully on the 4th October.

What do you guys think – are metal concert films necessary? Are you excited for Metallica: Through The Never? Do you like the trailer?

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