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Misery Index (the Baltimore based deathgrind band) stormed the metal scene in 2010 with their blistering fourth album Heirs To Thievery, which became a real hit with our very own DGR, standing tall as his favourite record from that year. Since then, however, it’s been relatively quiet in the Misery Index camp… until now.

Misery Index inked a fresh record deal with Season Of Mist last year and the label have announced that Index’s fifth album (their first release with Season Of Mist) will be released in late 2013. The parties involved recognize that this is a long time to wait for new music, so to satiate fans, Misery Index will release a live album on February 15th (February 19th in North America) 2013 through the label. This release will be simply titled Live In Munich and will feature eight devastating tracks with a bonus remix added on to round out the album.

While eight tracks may initially seem a little lacking for a limited edition live album release; if it accurately captures the experience of seeing Misery Index in a live setting, then you’ll be thankful of the shorter run time. There are few bands that could possibly bludgeon a grown man to death with their music after a prolonged period of time and Misery Index are a band that could easily fit into that mould.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Sleeping Giants
2. The Carrion Call
3. You Lose
4. The 7th Cavalry
5. The Spectator
6. The Great Depression
7. The Illuminaught
8. Traitors
9. Siberian (2012 remix)

It’s interesting to see that a large amount of material is from their latter body of work, so if you’re a huge fan of Heirs To Thievery above all else then you will not be disappointed. Especially considering that they were courteous enough to include one of the best songs on the record with the oft-overlooked destructive gem “You Lose“.

Long-time fans of Misery Index can pick up Live In Munich next February, but make sure to not sleep on this release, as only 500 will ever be printed for worldwide release! This is a limited die cut LP pressing that will be hand-numbered, making it a must have collectors item for devout fans of the band. We’ll have more Misery Index information next year when details about their upcoming fifth album start to surface.

Do you like live albums? Would you prefer a live DVD? With the advent of high quality streaming services and Youtube; are live releases an archaic form of “padding the catalogue”? Are you excited for more Misery Index? Sound off in the comments!