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Please enjoy this photo of some dolphins before we crap all over your day

Sometimes we have to be the bearers of bad news, and granted, in the grand scheme of things this ain’t the worst, but we figure that we have to share it out in case people miss it otherwise. This season seems to be the season for tour cancellations as today a couple more were announced; this time from Dark Tranquillity and Firewind, who are both putting the axe to their upcoming tours.

So whilst North America may be licking its wounds from the recent Scar Symmetry cancellation, a couple other sizeable crowds get to join in the fun of disappointment for a bit.

Dark Tranquillity announced on their Facebook today that the European tour that they were about to head out on has caught the axe. It seems like it was already a little bit on shaky ground after Warbringer had to pull out but it seems like a mix of promoters and other issues ground the gears to a halt on this one. Doesn’t seem like it was visa issues at least so the usual excuse goes flying out the window. Europe does get a ton of great tours anyway though, especially since so many great bands are from that region and even groups from our area tend to get put on excellent bills there. One loss won’t seem that huge, although I’m a Dark Tranquillity fan as well, and if I lived out there I’d be pretty disappointed…buuuut I don’t live in Europe and every time they come to the US they skip Sacramento anyway. Still, our condolences to those who had made plans.

But alas, Australia! You mighty island nation that you are! You too cannot avoid the wrath of the tour cancellations as Firewind announced on their Facebook that they had to postpone their Australian tour for a bit as well. It was going to be their first batch of shows down under but now you have to wait in the limbo of rescheduled dates. No reasons were provided but at the very least the band are still swearing to get down there in 2013. In the meantime, they will be coming to the US alongside Turisas and Stolen Babies, in the strangest tour bill of the year so far. Still the band are saying that you will get your chance to get yourself some Gus G. action and rock out to “Mercenary Man” in one way or another, it’ll just be a bit later.

Man, this is getting depressing and it’s supposed to rain out here later today…is there any good news out there at the moment? Oh hey, here’s something…

Century Media issued a presser today announcing that they had signed hardcore act Deez Nuts for their next album release. That’s good right? Nice to see a band get picked up and hopefully get out there in front of some bigger crowds. I saw them open for Hatebreed/Whitechapel/All Shall Perish in September and they were alright. Not my cup of tea but at least they seem to take everything in good stride, especially when you consider their name is Deez Nuts. Still, Century have a group called Destiny Potato on their roster so it isn’t that much of a stretch. Keep that in mind unfortunately named bands! There’s hope for you yet!