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The Monolith: In Focus


Code Orange


At The Monolith, we are firm believers in the future of alternative music, no matter the genre or style. This is why every month we’ll be focusing on one band that we trust to shape the future of not just their own genres but music as a whole, for the better. We consider these bands to be some of the best of the underground and whilst some might be signed, that in no way should diminish their appearance on these features.

The first we’ll be focusing on are Pittsburgh’s Code Orange. Code Orange you say? Who dey? Well we have coverage planned throughout January to celebrate all that is Code Orange.

Code Orange formed in 2008 as Code Orange Kids (yeah, we know), a band who played straight up punk whilst at high school. Despite being not even old enough to get into the clubs they endeavoured to play, they persevered and that got them opening slots with the likes of Misfits and Anti-Flag – but it took them a full four years to evolve their sound into the unrelenting metallic hardcore monster that they came before signing to Deathwish Inc. in 2012, releasing their debut full length Love Is Love // Return To Dust in November of the same year.

With the first pressing of this album selling out in a matter of days, it was clear that there was to be a real hunger for their music and hitting the road with Every Time I Die and Fucked Up truly put Code Orange on the map.

Forward to 2014 and the band had dropped the ‘kids’ suffix as they came to release their second album on Deathwish Inc, I Am King. Returning to the studio with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, they crafted something decidedly more mature than their first offering, with a focus on blending textures over all out brutality. Code Orange really came into their own with a merging of genres, and many believe this to be their finest work to date – and they’d be right. Following the release with a tour with heavyweights Killswitch Engage, they were really on to a winner.

Code Orange may have been kids when they started out but they certainly haven’t lost their youthful ability to fuck shit up. In 2016 the band took an unprecedented and meteoric step forward, inking a deal with Roadrunner Records for their third album. This album, entitled Forever, will drop on January 13th 2017. If the first tracks are anything to go by, Code Orange are once again not fucking around.

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