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At The Monolith we’re firm believers in the future of alternative music. No matter the style or genre, if it’s good then we’ll rave about it.

Every month we’ll be taking an extra special, in-depth look at one artist we’re collectively wetting ourselves over; someone we expect to shape the future of not just their own genre, but music as a whole. These artists are the best of the underground and whether they’re signed and recognised or self-represented, they’re worth your attention.


Ohms by their very classification are a unit of resistance. This month’s In Focus artist are no different; since their debut EP Bloom dropped in 2014, OHHMS have been shedding the conventions of the currently en vogue doom scene by avoiding the well trodden cliches – the generic band names and cookie cutter artwork – and headed instead down a road that saw them sign to Holy Roar Records. In fact, Ohhms are only the second band to have signed to the label by submitting to the label directly: an impressive feat in itself for the Canterbury five piece.

With a constant barrage of bands vying for your attention and your dollar, it’s easy to dismiss one after only one good EP. This is something I was very nearly guilty of; it took me a while to give OHHMS’ second offering Cold a spin, and longer after to really dig my claws in. With a slightly more straight forward approach Cold certainly begged the question “Where are they going from here?”

Well, a couple of years and some festival appearances later and they’re back with a new offering; a full length album The Fool, thematically derived from the major arcana of tarot cards. Each track delivers a carefully crafted story that builds on this theme cleverly; each track is stylistically different, following the meanings of the cards, and the compositions are brilliant examples of the kind of riff-soaked psychedelic excellence Ohhms have made their trademark, without it ever feeling like a cheap gimmick.

Ohhms are on a course that should take them from being one of the UK doom scene’s best kept secrets and on to the world stage, where they’ll find themselves at the top of the pile. Of course we can’t see their future, but if you PRE-ORDER their new album it comes with some personally inserted tarot cards that could just predict yours!

Keep an eye out for more Ohhms content throughout March as we celebrate the band and the release of The Fool on March 31st

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