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We speak to The Contortionist bassist and newbie Jordan Eberhardt!

The Contortionist 2014

Last week we laid down some particularly flowery words regarding The Contortionist‘s new album Language. The third full-length from the band, it has taken bold steps and distanced itself from the band’s super spacey prog beginnings.

As the band begin a few months of touring North America and then Europe, bassist Jordan Eberhardt – who joined the group earlier this year – sat down to answer a few quick questions for us.

1. Starting with the obvious: do any of you speak more than one language, and what?

I’m pretty sure none of the guys are fluent in any other language. I can speak a tiny bit of Spanish though, but that’s only because people assume I’m Hispanic and they will just start speaking Spanish to me.

2. Any you’d like to learn?

I’m half German and half Filipino. I’d love to learn both languages, and maybe sometime soon, I’ll actually start making the effort to do so. The Phillipines has so many different dialects though that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

3. Other than music, what?s your biggest/best talent or skill? Are any of you contortionists?!

Unfortunately no super flexible dudes in this band! I’m actually the most inflexible guy I know. As far as other talents, I played basketball all of my life and I would like to think I was a boss at it. Want to play a game of one on one and find out?

4. Which of the new songs do you think people will like the best?

So far, the reactions have been mixed. A lot of people really dig “Language I: Intuition” a lot, and “Thrive” has been getting some great compliments. Surprisingly “Primordial Sound” has been a pretty big hit for us too – not because I think it is a bad song or anything, but it’s definitely one that is a large step away from our former sound. It’s great to know our fans enjoy anything we do. It shows how open-minded they are as well, which is great.

5. You are stranded on a desert island. Which band member do you eat first?

One of the Baca brothers, Robby or Joey. They’re twins, so if we eat one, we still have one of them to remind us of the other.

6. If you could play in any fictional location, where would it be?

Easy question! Risa, the paradise planet from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

7. What?s your favourite monument or Monolith from your local area?

I don’t know about a monument, but there’s a beach pretty close to me in Malibu that I love spending time at for its amazing eroded rock formations. It’s a bit hidden too so I never really have to worry about crowds.

9. Would you rather be permanently tired or permanently hungover?

Permanently tired. I get bad migraines when I’m hung over.

10. What’s the weirdest thing about the band or the album that people may not be aware of?

Your guess is as good as mine! I’m still the “new guy” haha. I’m bound to discover some sort of overall weirdness here in the coming weeks on the road.

11. Is there anywhere on the upcoming tours you’re looking forward to playing most?

Germany for sure. I’d like to finally see some of my family roots. Scotland has always been intriguing to me as well. I’ve actually never been overseas, I’m just excited to see the cultural differences and meet new people.

12. Honestly, did you notice we missed out question 8?


The Contortionist are currently on tour with PeripheryIntervals and Toothgrinder. They’ll then be splitting off with Intervals and picking up Polyphia, before heading over to Europe to support Protest The Hero with The Faceless and Destrage. Those are some monumental touring partners, for sure.

Language is out now via Good Fight/eOne Music. Pick it up because it’s good. Really good.