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So the staff’s individual lists are done, but we couldn’t let 2016 lie without tallying up the numbers and giving you our official, overall top 10 records of the year.

First up, here are 20-11 numerically – the ten that were loved by one or two, but didn’t quite make the grade. After that, numbers 10 through 1, and what everyone thought about them.


20. Car Bomb – Meta
19. Black Peaks – Statues
18. Russian Circles – Guidance
17. Slice The Cake – Odyssey To The West
16. Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis
15. Babymetal – Metal Resistance
14. Haken – Affinity
13. Aliases – Derangeable
12. Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
11. Alcest – Kodama

Top Ten

Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow album art10. Nothing – Tired Of Tomorrow

13th May - Relapse Records


“…a very miserable listen has instead been transformed into something brighter. Nothing have truly bloomed in the darkness.” - Adam

“It takes everything that was great about Guilty of Everything and steps it up a notch” - Josh

carcer-city-infinite-unknown-album-art9. Carcer City – Infinite // Unknown

16th September - Stay Sick Records


Infinite // Unknown boasts slick riffs, crisp production and rich synth layers” - William

the-dear-hunter-act-v-hymns-with-the-devil-in-confessional-album-art8. The Dear Hunter - Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional

9th September - Rude Records


“…a fantastic impression and the album stuck with me.” - Tommy

“Being a slight step down when your band is essentially the Everest of music still puts you above most others.” - Jón Þór

Bossk - Audio Noir album art7. Bossk – Audio Noir

1st April - Deathwish Inc.


“Bossk take the listener on a voyage through blissed-out, dreamy soundscapes into low-slung, neolithic riffing and back again.” - Simon

“All the risks pay off; we waited a long-ass time for a full-length from Bossk but it was worth it.” - Tom

dance-gavin-dance-mothership-album-art6. Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership

7th October - Rise Records

” some of the catchiest and best written songs the band has ever released.” - Jón Þór

“How they keep pumping out fantastic albums with only a year or two in between is mind-boggling. Mothership is another collection of tunes with virtuosic musicianship that is catchy and memorable.” - Tommy

exist-immortal-breathe-album-art5. Exist Immortal – Breathe

7th October - Rise Records



“…an exceptionally well-honed slice of modern progressive metal that really delivers on the considerable promise they’ve shown over the years.” - Simon

Breathe indeed; each of these tracks is a refreshing gulp of clean air.” - Chris

Mamiffer The World Unseen Cover4. Mamiffer – The World Unseen

1st April – SIGE Records


“Aaron Turner and Faith Coloccia are post-metal royalty; combine their talents and the results were always going to be awe inspiring.” - Adam

“In a year of Worm Ouroboros and SubRosa releases, there were plenty of adjacent records, but none that hit a nerve or took well-calculated risks quite like this.” - Tom

The Black Queen - Fever Daydream album art3. The Black Queen – Fever Daydream

29th January - Self-release


“I haven’t stopped listening to The Black Queen all year. So poppy in all the right ways, so dancey in all the right ways.” - Josh

“This intelligently cultivated outpour is both infectious and memorable, and tracks like “Ice To Never” and “The End Where We Start” are incalculably beautiful.” - Adam

“Beautiful music for fans of darker synth-based pop music and industrial.” - Tommy

“…cinematic in both scope and execution. Catchy leads soar over menacing bass, and there’s evocative, cathartic pleasure to be found throughout” - Chris

oathbreaker-rheia-album-art2. Oathbreaker – Rheia

30th September - Deathwish Inc.


“…undeniably a benchmark for the movement. Both a thinkpiece record and a hugely successful, enjoyable endeavour.” - Tom

“An intensely satisfying and emotional album that should not be missed by anyone who can handle its raw power.” - Jón Þór

“Caro Tanghe’s exposed, brittle vocal aspect brushes against a fiery, groove-laden masterpiece of blastbeats, driving post-metal and cathartic finesse. It’s high-concept but also very, very real.” - Chris

“With a bleak intensity that comes unmatched of recent years, Oathbreaker have in fact pulled out the best album of their career so far.” - Adam

“While their first two efforts teetered along the boundaries of black metal, crust and hardcore, Oathbreaker now encompass all these styles effortlessly.” - William

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation album art

1.The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation

14th October - Party Smasher Inc.


“This feels like a natural conclusion to a peerless discography. Thanks for everything, gentlemen.” - Tommy

“…there couldn’t be a more fitting final chapter for such an explosive band. God damn, I’m going to miss them.” - Simon

“…they sure know how to go out with a bang!”  - Jón Þór

Dissociation, their disconnecting swansong, does them no disservice, and sees them go out with a bang rather than a whimper, as they had intended.” - Chris

“The masters leave us (only for now hopefully) with another epic listening challenge and really, by now we expect nothing less.” - Josh