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Towering Filth - Majesties

Yesterday Monolithic Records released Brent A. Petrie‘s sophomore album, The Void, which has been received well by all of you. Remember guys you can head over to our store and buy that album right now! If you’re one of our acolytes it’s completely free unless you would like to make a donation to support the musician. For non members it’s a minimum cost of £4 that is extremely appreciated by all of us at The Monolith and Monolithic Records. Make sure to check out our very own customized store front and give The Void a listen!

To celebrate a successful first launch we’re going to share with you, our beloved readers, Monolithic Records’ second artist – Towering Filth!

Towering Filth is a one-man band, produced entirely by Matthew Koch. A filthy black metal/hardcore hybrid, his second album Majesties barrels along like a juggernaut; seething with malicious intent. Its crusty undertones are reminiscent of the likes of Trap Them and Converge, and deserves to be blasted at full volume for the enjoyment of all your neighbours!

Majesties will be released through Monolithic Records on the 24th January 2013. It will be discounted for members. Everything on this record has been painstakingly crafted by Matthew Koch, except the artwork which was crafted by the masterful hands and mind of Dan Arena of Dormition Designs. Check out his artwork at his website, he’s an incredible artist with very fair rates and has even completed work for the iconic Jeff Loomis – so be sure to hit him up if you need a great piece of art at an affordable cost.

Below is the teaser trailer for Towering Filth’s Majesties:

Yet another great release from Monolithic Records. The next few months are going to get incredibly interesting at The Monolith and the benefits of being one of our loyal Acolytes is going to increase substantially. Get involved early and help us support independent music by signing up today! 

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