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We’ve spoken to you ‘orrible lot about this a couple of times over the past week, amongst all the regular news and features and whatnot, but the time is now: Monolithic Records is proud to present Brent A. Petrie‘s The Void for human consumption.

We’re so incredibly psyched for this that one of us has a migraine, another is sitting alone in a darkened room drinking moonshine, and the rest are flapping around Monolith towers in a frenzy, giggling and pooping on all and sundry – including a couple of important ambassadors. We don’t care though; it’s here! Click the link to go to the store, and preview a track below:

We’ve been feeling Brent out (and up) for a couple of years now, ever since he became embroiled in a sordid affair with one of our site’s progenitors – the community-minded The Number Of The Blog – and his debut Vary Us, Artist was very well received by the internets, so we were delighted when this unholy alliance came to fruition a number of months ago.

Of the album itself, Brent says:

[quote-symbol symbol1]My goal with The Void was to reflect my individual tastes without worrying about whether anything ‘fit’. I just wanted to make something that was held together by how it feels, rather than by how it sounds.

So without any further ado, here are the gnarly details:

The Void is available for £4 (about $6.41 USD at the current rate), consists of 12 tracks, and comes in your choice of mp3 or WAV file formats, for all you audiophiles out there. This is and always will be about releasing quality music, and we won’t compromise on this.


The Void is also available for nothing for Acolytes. You heard us right: NOTHING. If you haven’t looked into our membership service yet, follow this link for full details, but in essence we’re building a positive and interactive community here, and we want you all to join, so this is ours and Brent’s little way of saying thanks.

Of course, a donation to the artist is actively encouraged, but don’t feel bad if not. You can see how our whole label process works here, and what artists get out of it.

Ultimately, we want to reiterate how ball and boob-tinglingly excited we are right now, and we invite you to try before you buy, and become one of us today.

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