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When The Monolith launched back in October, we fielded a lot of questions about Monolithic Records and how it would work. Now, we can finally reveal to you those details. We’re incredibly proud of Monolithic Records and we have a whole host of diverse independent artists that are going to dazzle you with great new music. Look out for Monolithic Records launching on the 15th January 2013.

What Is it?

It may sound clichéd, but The Monolith is dedicated to your music. Yes, every label and organisation that attaches itself to the music scene says that exact same thing, but we want to prove it by putting you first.

Monolithic Records is a new and innovative label model that is tapping into the power of the digital medium. We believe in collaboration over ownership. In 2013 artists will have more power than ever over their music, it’s becoming increasingly common that artists would choose to work with labels through licensing deals rather than full ownership of the intellectual property.

Digital platforms have also changed the independent music industry in a huge way, allowing artists to retain control and present their music in whatever format that they choose. The only downside to these platforms is that unless you have the built in user-base it can be very easy to slip unnoticed in the sea of hundreds of other bands releasing music on a yearly basis. The market is extremely over saturated and we believe we can help independent artists stand out and reach a constantly growing audience.

Enter Monolithic Records. We have created a system where any appropriate artist is able to use our platform to not only to sell their music and merchandise at preferential rates, but to actively engage with fans – and more importantly potential fans – in our community in a proactive fashion. In short we want to be your webstore, your business partners and most importantly your friends.

How Does it Work?

Unlike big business who see you as an investment, we see you as a friend and our business model – if we can call it such – would work like so, and truly is as simple as these few points; no catches, we promise.

We offer to sell your merchandise and releases on our custom built webstore, where you, the artist decide the price. We do so at the competitive and artist friendly rate of 75 – 25 split, where you the artist keep 75% of the money and we take the token amount of 25%.

Now this is the clever part, with the 25% we gain at our end, once our maintenance costs are covered we invest that money back into the music community, eventually we will be putting on our own Monolithic shows and tours.

Here’s the best part, and where the community can really get involved! Every month we will ask a selection of our artists to send us a proposal for a special limited edition item to produce for their band. This could be a special T-shirt, limited edition release of the album, special booklet, vinyl pressing, Halloween costume or even sex toy. It’s your own idea, which we will then tailor to fit The Monolith, in collaboration with you, the artist. These items will only ever be produced once, so it will make it a special collector’s item. Then, the fun part: we present these ideas to The Monolith community and they decide our fate. The item that the community are most enthusiastic about will be made, with costs split fairly by The Monolith and the artist, as well as profit. This is just one of the many ways in which we are willing to work with our artists AND the community to create something special that everyone can enjoy.

Why Choose Us?

The internet and the rise of social media have been powerful tools in transforming the musical landscape, and given the decline of traditional label structures we intend to try something different, by offering contemporary, sustainable and most importantly both an artist and fan friendly method of operation. Here are a but a few of the advantages we offer:

Empowerment to the artist. You set the price, you own the copyright to the material, you choose what to sell, we are just there to make the job easier for you.

We offer competitive rates, there are many similar services and we feel our pricing is on their playing field.

By joining our ranks, you gain immediate access to our large audience and dedicated review team, you are but a click away from a communicative and passionate fan base.

We offer a lot of freedom to our artists. Avoid being locked into multiple album deals that you may later regret. We’re a flexible entity designed to benefit you and suit your needs, both short term and long term. Because we don’t seek to own your actual music, it allows us freedom, which in turn we give back to you! When signing over a particular album/piece of merchandise there will be a limited period of exclusivity (usually around 3 months) where your product is only available via The Monolith. Other than that, you’re free to do what you want!

If our community likes you, then there is a future for us working with you to make it a physical reality, once again on artist friendly terms.
To us you are not an investment or an asset, we are just dedicated music nerds here to lend a helping hand to those that feed our love of music.
To encourage interest we will be offering things like sales and promotions, of which your consent will be necessary, but a great way to generate buzz about your band.

We are not elitist individuals who only want the best bands, or the most profitable personas, if you fit our entry requirements and are happy with our terms we will be enthusiastic to work with you!

Stay tuned to The Monolith later in the week where we will reveal more information and teasers of all of our January releases! Our first release will be available on the 15 January when the label part of the website launches. Remember that our first release is free to all of our Acolytes, not only that, but all of our releases are discounted for you as well as a multitude of other bonus features. Sign up today and support The Monolith!

If you’re a band who like this idea and would like to inquire further or potentially become part of our ever growing roster send us an email at!

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