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Best Of 2014: our favourite musical moments on the silver screen!

Monolith Best Of 2014

It’s been an absolutely cracking year for both movies and music. Before we took our holiday break you were inundated with music lists from the various staff members of The Monolith – recounting in detail their highlights of the year. Now, it’s time for me to slink out of my dungeon and barrage you all with a series of film related lists.

Music is an incredibly important aspect of any movie – it can be used to heighten emotions and pull the viewer further into the film’s world. This is a list dedicated to the best uses of music in films from this year – films that were truly improved by their intelligent utilization of a song. I’m limiting this to one music moment per film – otherwise a certain space faring Marvel movie would likely dominate a list like this. So here they are; be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite moment was and of any you feel like I’ve missed!

Warning: There will be some SPOILERS along the way.