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Monuments vocalist reportedly out

Monuments 2012

Matt Rose, centre

British groove band Monuments have had a tough time with vocalists in recent years. There was a lot of buzz around their We Are The Foundation demo EP a few years ago, which featured not one but two vocalists – guitarist John Browne’s ex-Fellsilent partner Neema Askari, and Greg Pope – which allowed for complementary dual vocals, and were unlike anything available at the time. The tracks “Admit Defeat“, “The Uncollective” and “Memoirs” all popped with the band’s undeniable live energy, but it wasn’t meant to be: Neema left in less than amicable circumstances, and Greg soon followed.

This was all before their debut album Gnosis was released, and in fact delayed its release substantially. They were right on the crest of the djent wave, and arguably lost momentum when the record was finally released last year with ex-Qemists vocalist Matt Rose. “Memoirs” never even made it to the album, and I think some people were dissatisfied with the distinct differences from the tracks they knew and loved – with melodies and lyrics completely rewritten.

It seems the next release will feature yet another vocalist, as a number of short statements on various social media outlets have revealed that Matt is no longer a part of the band. Only one survived (see below) but the band’s YouTube account is allegedly at the heart of the matter.

Olly Steele Matt Rose Monuments

A short statement from the band later that evening read:

Due to differences with Matt Rose, he is no longer a part of Monuments.

We are currently writing our second album and are hugely excited. Hold tight.


The band have just completed a tour supporting Born Of Osiris with After The Burial and The HAARP Machine, and are due to play both Ghostfest and UK Tech-Metal Fest this summer – set which will have to take place instrumentally should they not find a replacement in time.

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